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Black nurse group unites to empower, improve health of vulnerable communities

Photos courtesy of MDM Productions
Lisa Williams, Tyler nurse, founder of local Black Nurses Rock chapter

Lisa Williams, Tyler nurse, founder of local Black Nurses Rock chapter

By Coshandra Dillard

Black nurses in Tyler have united to empower colleagues through networking and educational opportunities.

Black Nurses Rock—Tyler formally introduced themselves to the community during a recent a meet and greet. The event provided an opportunity for local nurses to engage with community organizations, businesses, health care agencies and nursing school officials.

The Tyler group was established in February by 10 ambitious African-American nurses “to inspire and empower innovative leaders that will serve and educate vulnerable communities.”

It’s a chapter of the national organization, Black Nurses Rock, Inc., which was founded in 2014 and has become the largest online community for professional black nurses to share, network and develop together.

Founder of the national group, Dr. Romeatrius Moss, addressed the mission and vision of the organization during the recent local event.

The organization is charged with elevating the profession and improving communities by offering support and mentorship to nurses. The non-profit organization represents more than 150,000 African-American nurses and students the across the country, and in Canada, the Eastern Caribbean, Africa, Japan and Germany.

“The mission of Black Nurses Rock—Tyler, Texas is to assist driven, determined and dedicated Tyler, Texas nurses to grow professionally while addressing health care disparities in Tyler, Texas,” said chapter president Lisa Williams in a statement. “We are committed to making a difference because our chapter members are empowered, engaged and ready to embrace the needs of the city.”


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