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Black-owned startup allows travelers to pay for flights with layaway plan

photo by Airfordable

photo by Airfordable

There is good news for travelers on a budget. You can now put your flight on layaway.

Launched in December, black-owned Airfordable allows people to book a flight with a deposit and then pay for the remainder in installments before departure date.
The Chicago-based company was co-founded by Ama Marfo, Craig Henry and Emmanuel Buah with the dream of making travel more accessible to people with limited funds. The company also plans to expand its model to launch micro loans for vacations and hotels.
So how does it work? First travelers search for flights on airline websites or at sites such as Google Flight, Expedia, Orbitz, Priceline, Justfly, Cheapoair or Vayma, and then take a screenshot.
Next, customers upload the screenshot onto Airfordable’s website during the booking process. Airfordable then calculates a payment plan based on a bi-weekly payment cycle.
A non-refundable deposit is required upfront. The company charges a one-time fee on the price of the ticket that varies between 10 and 20 percent. Once the last payment is made, an e-ticket and itinerary is released to the customer.

To see what a payment plan may look like, sign up to use Airfordable’s calculator.


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