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Nytesia Ross inspires with words

Getting to Know

Nytesia Ross, 21, has been making waves in media and culture. The Stephen F. Austin State University student is a prolific poet, broadcast journalist and activist. She’s secured scholarships and internships with KLTV and ESPN. Ross is the membership chair of her school’s NAACP chapter, and a member of the Lumberjack Cultural Association. Since middle school, she’s tapped into her gifts and has big dreams to do so much more. Her poem, “Baby, This World is Cruel,” is published in SFA’s Journal of Multicultural Affairs. Ross plans to graduate from SFA in 2017 with a degree in mass communication.

Liberate chatted with the young Tyler native about her inspirations and plans.

On gaining real life experience while interning at KLTV:
On my second day I helped cover a story about a girl who was killed. It put me in real life. I saw how stories you tell of someone’s life impact their family and community.

Seeking and grabbing opportunities: 
My passion is storytelling, whether that is through poetry or news. I’ve always felt as though my calling was telling stories and speaking the truth. I’m blessed to be able to have these opportunities here (at SFA) … God has just been aligning stuff for me. It’s been up to me to go after it or waste it.

How it began:
My middle school teacher, Ms. Jenkins told me to write a poem so that was how I got into it at first. Seeing my mother’s reaction to my poetry is what feuled my spirit.

Discovering spoken word:
In my freshmen year, I was more aware of things people my age were going through and societal issues. This was a perfect time and place and a great way to express myself.

Being inspired by those before her:
I’m inspired by Maya Angelou. I also like Alysia Harris and Joshua Bennet with Strivers Row. They are able to paint a vivid picture and they bring you in with every word.

Her plans for the future:
I want to produce my own talk show. I also want to learn more about sports broadcasting. Not only do I love to be in front of the camera, but I also enjoy being behind it.


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