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28 days of black history: Revisiting little known facts and figures


In a commitment to celebrate black history, Liberate Magazine will post daily articles beginning Wednesday and through the end of Black History Month. From local heroes to national figures, we will spotlight little known or rarely recognized people, places and events.

So why do we still have a Black History Month? The better question is, why aren’t we learning more about our history in schools, colleges and in our homes? There is no doubt that much of what we’ve retained is watered down or minimized. There is more to black history than “firsts,” athletes, entertainers and civil rights leaders. We’ve also made strides in art, literature, math, science, medicine, politics, and technology, all while fighting discrimination.

But we have the power to change that. In Tyler, Yesterday’s Tomorrow has traveled to East Texas schools and other venues to share black history artifacts and memorabilia. Throughout February, the traveling museum will have a display at the Tyler Public Library. On Feb. 11, it will host an interactive event featuring art, displays and vendors at the Glass Recreation Center. Check its Facebook page and Liberate for updates about events. On Feb. 25, the African American Cultural Events Committee will host a citywide Black History Month program. Check back here for more details about that event.





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