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For the love of hair: Liberate needs your feedback

By Coshandra Dillard

Hair. In the black community, it’s a complicated thread that connects us all. There is a rich history woven into our hairstyles and hair stories.

Black men and women have thrown out the relaxer or ditched salons to return to their hair’s natural state for decades, but in recent years, large hair care brands are taking notice as the momentum continues to grow.

In just a few short years the number of resources—online and in salons— have grown drastically to make available help with the transition, the big chop, a twist-out, loc’ing and other processes.

But the politics of black hair is still profound and often determines how we wear our hair. It’s hard to believe that in 2017 some styles are frowned upon in professional settings, such as locs, braids and afros. Meanwhile, young girls are also being chastised or reprimanded for wearing their hair in its natural state in schools across the country.

Luckily, naturalistas aren’t perturbed by these attitudes about black hair. In a recent Twitter hashtag, black hair was center stage as users paid tribute to the versatility of their illustrious strands.





Tyler and East Texas folks: Let’s keep the conversation going. Submit your hair story for a future multimedia project to be featured at

Whether you’ve gone natural because of health issues,  bad hair care product experiences, or just want to try something different, share your story. We also want to hear from those who are relaxed or wear weaves and wigs. In the project, we’ll explore how we got to where we are in our hair journey and take pride in how we express our black selves, no matter what the style or texture may be.

In a few sentences (or more if you’re in the mood to share), explain your experiences with your hair and hairstyles, and how you got to those choices. Send it to or comment under this story on the Facebook page.








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