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Getting to know: Artist Chauncy Williams

Chauncy Williams, 30, is a Tyler artist to keep an eye on. A former hospital administrator, the Winona ISD art teacher spends his days creating work that has been displayed in exhibits and at local businesses. His next body of work is titled “Correct Grammar” which consists of work created from his own “artistic language about people, memories and other things of significance.” Liberate talked to Chauncy about his motivation and love of art.

When did you know you wanted to be an artist? Are you considering doing that full time?
In 2008 when I had my first solo exhibition at Panola College I knew that art was my passion and what I wanted to pursue. It was my plan to one day have my own gallery and studio and teach the fundamentals of art.

What kinds of art do you work with?
My art focuses on areas of mixed media collage drawings, painting different abstract designs, and chiseling designs out of wood.

What attracts you to creating art? How does it make you feel?
I use my art as a voice for different platforms whether it’s religious, political or personal. I feel that art is my ministry in a different perspective that we are used to.

Who has inspired you the most, and how?
I give credit to my parents Cleon D. Williams Sr. and Lawanda Williams and my art professor Ann Boland from Panola College. She was my first art instructor. I could list a few artists that I am inspired by from a design, quality and craftsmanship standpoint, but to be honest the African Americans that pave the way for individuals like myself is what inspire me the most.

Where has your art been commissioned or displayed?
Just to name a few, I’ve completed portraits of pastors that are displayed in their churches, portraits of loved ones for memorial purposes as well as commissioned work for businesses and gallery exhibitions.

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