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Liberation SOS! forum to discuss challenges in black community, find solutions for healing

As black Americans, we’re not surprised by the current vitriolic political discourse. We’ve been there, done that. The thin veils of white supremacy and racism have been ripped off. Meanwhile, we’re still carrying the pain of discrimination and disenfranchisement —trauma that has been passed down from our ancestors.

In addition, we are experiencing a culture shift that is dividing friends, families and communities. Relationships are failing and the most marginalized among us are being pushed further to the edge. Meanwhile, we are looking for healthy ways to thrive despite navigating through toxic environments.

We know what the problems are. We know we need to heal. We know we must be united to improve our community. So how do we do that?

It’s time to self-reflect— to plug into our own power. What if we embraced each other’s missions, goals, and business ventures? What if we hold ourselves accountable so that we can evolve into better beings?

The Liberation SOS! community forum acknowledges our challenges and seeks ways to improve our community.

This forum is open to anyone in the black community who is serious about making effective changes, starting with themselves first. We’d like to have an honest and respectful conversation in which everyone’s voices are heard — with egos set aside.

In a two-hour discussion, a panel will explore difficult topics that plague our community. These topics may include but are not limited to: homophobia, religion, spirituality, mental illness and toxic masculinity. We’ll also look at how racism, patriarchy and respectability politics often frame these issues.

The event is facilitated by LaTasha Portley, a registered nurse and community organizer. Through her work with Girl Trek, Portley advocates for black women to take control of  their health and find balance —mind, body and soul.

Coshandra Dillard, editor of Liberate Magazine, will moderate the panel discussion.

Audience members have an opportunity to ask questions and engage with the panel. Together, the forum will brainstorm action items to implement within our families and communities.


What: Black Liberation SOS!: A call to action in the black community

When: Sunday, April 22

Time: 2-4:30 p.m.

Location: Taylor Auditorium at the Tyler Public Library, 201 S. College Ave.


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